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    ????Goals and progress

    We have an unyielding commitment to make a positive impact on the markets, customers, communities and employees that we serve. As we continue to achieve our goals, we do so by leveraging our unique capabilities and expertise and working closely with world-class partners.

    Going forward, we will align our goals under the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), allowing us to focus on some of the world’s greatest challenges as a universal call to action. We review our goals regularly and establish targets that challenge us to continually improve.

    This year, we continue to report on the goals and targets we established looking towards 2020. As we’ve achieved goals or shifted priorities to align with our corporate strategy, we have added or refined our goals. We have removed goals achieved during our previous reporting period.

    As Eastman looks towards the future, our Sustainability Council and three Sustainability Subcouncils are collectively identifying opportunities, assessing priorities and facilitating deeper integration across the enterprise that will allow Eastman to continually focus its sustainability efforts to address global disruptions and transformations taking place. . For instance, under the auspices of “Steering a sustainable portfolio”, we will focus on assessing our entire portfolio by 2019 by completing Product Risk Characterization and Prioritization for each product and identify all products containing Chemicals of Concern or substances listed to key Restricted Substances Lists (RSL’s). We will then establish target goals by 2020 for completion by 2030.



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