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    ?????????????????????Driving Resource Productivity?

    Earning the right to operate is a responsibility Eastman takes very seriously. We understand that even the smallest action can have a lasting effect. Therefore, managing resources well, maintaining safe, sustainable operations, and preserving the ecosystem are top priorities.

    Driving resource productivity encompasses a holistic approach to responsible and efficient management of our resources and goes beyond compliance with laws and regulations. We recognize that the regulatory landscape has Sustainability strategy (continued) expanded across the value chain — upstream and downstream — to include our customers, suppliers, markets, consumers, partners and investors. This changing landscape combined with the mounting, inextricable linkage of energy, water, food and materials has never been more complex or more critical to address.

    The significance of climate change, the urgency to accelerate the circular economy, and the need to enable a lower-carbon economy continue to increase at a rapid pace. We are taking action as a company to do our part while assessing the long-term risks and opportunities relative to our business that these issues may represent.

    In our operations, we set clear expectations and foster a zero-incident mindset, from a safety and environmental perspective as well as in compliance, values and behaviors. We review our goals regularly and establish targets that challenge us to raise the bar. As we focus our efforts on optimized natural resource efficiencies, we address the resources consumed throughout the manufacturing value chain while providing sustainable solutions for the world’s growing population.

    Demands for energy, water, and food continue to increase. We focus on what we can do today to be prepared to meet the needs of tomorrow.


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    We view resources holistically; our resources also include our people.



    Because we care about the safety and wellness of our people, the sites and communities where we operate, and the environment, we set clear expectations and strive for a zero incident culture—from both a safety and environmental perspective.



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