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    Focused Good for Good

    For nearly a century, we’ve had a strong history of supporting communities around the world. Our corporate responsibility and community engagement strategy allows us to focus platforms and initiatives that can make the biggest difference.

    Our strategy is built on strategic partnerships and collaborations, and we challenge ourselves to enable the most positive change through the lens of our four priority areas — education, environment, empowerment, and economic growth — concentrating our efforts on projects and partnerships that cross multiple priorities. See “Partnering to drive social innovation” on page 21 of the 2019 Sustainability Report.

    We also know that our employees can play a role in creating positive change in our local communities and society at large. We’re fostering inclusion that inspires innovation, encourages respect, and enables the highest level of contributions. People are the heartbeat of our societal impact, so it’s critical that every Eastman team member can show up and be their best self every day.

    For us, corporate responsibility and social innovation are more than just philanthropy. They shape how we operate and engage inside and outside the company. We call it “good for good” because we truly believe in the power of doing good for the simple purpose of doing good in the world.



    We believe in creating educational opportunities that help prepare and inspire students to excel. By leveraging our resources and strategic initiatives, we can maximize the collective impact of educational initiatives focused on science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM)



    We focus on initiatives that help promote and drive environmental awareness, environmental stewardship, and energy conservation. Our strategic community investments communicate our commitment to being a responsible steward of our natural resources. 



    We are committed to building an engaging and dynamic work environment with a mindset of equality and inclusion. We understand that a diverse and inclusive workforce fosters creativity, innovation, and camaraderie. 


    Economic Development

    We support innovative and impactful economic development initiatives that directly benefit residents and improve quality of life. We leverage our resources to enable infrastructure efforts, and purposefully use local and regionally owned businesses and talent as appropriate. 

    To see examples of a few of Eastman’s impactful partnerships, check out our corporate responsibility highlights.


    Up-to-date information about Eastman and the Eastman Foundation can be found at responsibility.eastman.com?.

    Processes and systems don’t innovate. People innovate. That means every team we have on the ground at Eastman must be absolutely, fully engaged. That’s why inclusion and diversity are core elements of our governing principles and corporate strategy.

    A diverse and inclusive environment for Eastman is exceptionally important for how we’re going to exceed in the marketplace. We’re growing a powerfully diverse workforce with increasingly diverse talents, perspectives and experiences that bring the best ideas to the table. We’re also fostering inclusion that inspires innovation, encourages respect, and enables the highest level of contributions. Inclusion ignites the creativity, passion, and innovation that bring the best ideas to the table.

    Eastman’s inclusion and diversity strategy is about growth and innovation. It’s about providing a future for our company, which is extremely important because when the company wins, our people win, and all of our stakeholders win.

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