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    ????????????Steering a Sustainable Portfolio

    Eastman is driving sustainable innovation by assessing and identifying global macro trends and disruptions that intersect with our world-class technology platforms. We recognize that understanding global challenges and where our world is going is critical to ensure the value of our product portfolio and innovation pipeline.

    Our business and innovation teams complete a sustainability assessment on new innovation projects and product developments. The assessment, developed in alignment with work by the chemical sector of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, is designed to be a holistic framework for identifying and assessing market needs and expectations tied to sustainability.

    As we understand the sustainability impact of our projects individually, we are elevating this to look at the impact of our collective portfolio. For example, we set our sights on best practices to enable carbon reductions and offsets in manufacturing processes. We also established a team to help address the growing impact of plastics in our waterways and ocean to accelerate a more circular economy.


    Macro trends aligned to our corporate strategy

    We have identified four key macro trends aligned to our corporate strategy that we are leveraging to drive innovation: health and wellness, natural resource efficiency, emerging middle class, and feeding a growing population.

    We believe it is our responsibility to develop new molecules, products, and applications to address these trends — solutions that make a material difference in everyday lives and enhance the quality of life around the world. We have deepened our application development and market development capabilities, enabling us to be valued as preferred innovation partners. By better understanding where our products go after they leave our facilities, we are actively addressing global problems, exploring ideas to close the loop, helping to unlock value beyond consumption, and empowering new economies of scale.



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