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    A growing world population, emerging environmental concerns, and unforgiving climates are challenging the agricultural industry to develop innovative and targeted solutions to help ensure the success of crops, livestock, and the land itself. To meet these demands, Eastman offers a diverse portfolio that helps keep agricultural markets growing. Our AgChem Intermediates division offers a variety of inert ingredients and intermediates for use in the agrochemical industry, while our Crop Protection division provides a range of ready-to-use products for soil care, disease control, seed protection, and preharvest management. Our Animal Nutrition business serves the feed industry worldwide with animal gut health solutions, feed preservation ingredients, and performance enhancers which–in different ways–all play an important role in helping to feed the growing population.

    Agrochemical Intermediates

    Eastman's diverse AgChem Intermediates portfolio includes neutralizing bases, intermediates, and a variety of solvents and catalysts. These materials will help you overcome daily challenges in the agricultural industry, such as pest control. With a rich history of providing targeted, innovative, and sustainable solutions, Eastman remains the cream of the crop.? More ...

    Animal Nutrition

    Eastman has decades of experience in serving the animal nutrition industry as well as providing quality products and innovation-driven collaboration. The Eastman Animal Nutrition portfolio is divided into two sectors of focus: pigs and poultry and ruminants. Within these sectors, we offer a variety of products for nutritional optimization and acidification as well as feed preservation and hygiene. Our dedicated team works together with customers as well as academic and industrial partners to find novel solutions to meet the needs of the global animal nutrition market. More ...

    Crop Protection

    Eastman Crop Protection offers a varied portfolio of ready-to-use products in specific niche markets within the global fruit and vegetable segment, such as fungicides, growth regulators and stimulators, seed treatment, and soil fumigants. To keep up with the ever-changing market and needs, we are continually expanding our portfolio to new crops and new diseases with global registration support and investing in the constant improvement of high quality formulations. More ...

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